The Bondurant Method®: Experience Matters

The Bondurant Method®: Experience Matters

Since 1968, Bob Bondurant has developed the Bondurant Method® of training – effective for teens to professional drivers to military Special Forces and security professionals.  Through this method of training, we offer a multitude of courses for any skill level.  Courses such as our signature Forza Motorsport Grand Prix Road Racing, our High Performance Driving, as well as our Advanced Teen Driving programs.

Drive with InstructorsRide along with an instructor behind the wheel of his Cadillac CTS as he describes his efforts pointing out shifting and turn-in points, lap after lap, until the racing line becomes a sense-memory in your subconscious. Minutes later, in your car of choice, you follow your instructor as he rounds the circuit playing mama duck to a trail of yellow babies falling into line behind. Discover that, from behind the wheel, it’s not nearly as easy as he makes it sound. It’s here you realize that your brief-yet-informative class training isn’t some theoretical hokum it’s the key to your success on track.

Then you drive the scheduled hours yes, hours, plural of free track time. Shift up, shift down, brake, turn, heel-and-toe, trail-brake, and go go go. Push your abilities and discover that your own limits, and the car’s, are higher than you’d imagined. Swing by the pits; your instructor rides shotgun for one-on-one instruction, his words individually tailored to your driving style and ever-increasing abilities; positive traits are reinforced, areas of needed improvement (and how to achieve the desired results) are outlined. Your fluidity of movement, and confidence in both your and your car’s abilities, increase with each passing lap. Every revolution of the track peels away mystery and adds mastery. That moment when it all comes together when you put in your perfect lap, all turn-in points nailed, all apexes clipped, all downshifts properly rev-matched is an epiphany that is not soon forgotten. The real challenge comes on the next lap, when you’re pressed to repeat it in your euphoric haze.

This is The Bondurant Method®, developed over nearly four and a half decades, which has ably served more than a quarter-million students from around the world. Every morning starts out in a classroom, and you will learn everything from basic physics and how brakes and acceleration affect a car’s handling, to heel-toe downshifting, to the quickest line around the course and why followed up by some practical dynamic lessons in braking, or in the CTS skid car where understeer can change to oversteer at the press of a button. But the key is the sheer amount of time you will spend on-track. This learn-by-doing style, combined with a maximum-three-student-per-instructor ratio and individual attention, is integral in all of the Bondurant School’s classes. From the Teen Driving programs to Formula Mazda, from Executive Protection to Special Forces and security professionals training, for brand-new drivers or NASCAR stars who have come to refresh their skills ahead of the season’s road races, you have to make a concerted effort to not improve your skills.

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